Job descriptions

Job descriptions

Job descriptions

Contains step-by-step processes for job descriptions, responsibility and requirement profiles as well as templates of job descriptions for positions in purchasing, sales and marketing and for managers.

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Form Job description. Template

Product no.: 0306-TM

Form with definitions of terms and completion instructions. Structured according to job objective, responsibility profile, activity profile.

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Development of Job descriptions. How to?

Product no.: 0306-VPR

A systematic process for mutually consistent job descriptions. Form. Manual. Definitions.

99.00 *

Development of position-related responsibility and activity profiles. Procedure process

Product no.: 030600-VPR

Definitions to formulate the responsibility profile and the activity profile for consistent job descriptions.

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Systematic job creation. Procedure process

Product no.: 0308-VPR

Procedure for the systematic creation of jobs as the smallest component of the organizational structure. Ultimately deduced from the purpose of the company.

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