Contains templates and management guidelines for chemical and utility companies. For checking and specifying the distribution of tasks and assigning responsibilities to the departments of such companies. Comprehensive and specifically for the implementation of customer orders. For companies of any size and also for other industries, usable like a checklist.

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Product no.: 0309d1-TM

Task assignment of a medium-sized chemical company with all corporate functions. Checklist for organizational design. Format of the AVP: Structured text.

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Product no.: 0309d2-TM

Task assignment of a regional electricity supply company with all corporate functions. Format of the AVP: MS-OrgChart 2.0.

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Product no.: 0309d3-TM

Assignment of responsibilities in the sales area of a municipal utility company. Format of the AVP: Mindmap from version Mindmanager 4.0.

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Product no.: 0405-TM

Process control of the realization of sales orders in a user-guided workflow. In Excel. With work instructions.

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