Project management

Project management

Project management

Management guidelines, action procedures and templates for the organizational structure of and the process organization in projects, for workshops and presentation events.

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Product no.: 020101-MRL

Regulation of the special positions and roles in project management and their special responsibility. 

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Product no.: 020110-TM

Job description with responsibility profile and activity profile.

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Product no.: 020111-TM

Job description with responsibility profile and activity profile.

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Product no.: 020601-VPR

This guide provides guidance on all aspects of the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the moderated workshops.

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Product no.: 020601a-TM

In order to conduct a workshop in a results-oriented manner, a schedule is essential. This pattern provides a basis.

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Product no.: 020601b-TM

Rules are important for result-oriented moderated workshops. This pattern helps to create an own standard which serves as a basis for the communication between the participants.

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Product no.: 020602-MRL

Guideline regulating the main components of project management.

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Product no.: 020603-MRL

The purpose of project procedural rules is to create the conditions for effective management of project planning and execution, binding on all project instances. These guidelines contain the basic requirements.

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Product no.: 0208-MRL

Regulation of the basic conditions for effective management of third party project services. Procurement and monitoring.

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Product no.: 0209a-VPR

Ninety pages of PowerPoint presentation covering all aspects of the topic, divided into preparation, implementation and post-processing, and providing many advices.

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