Integrated Managementsystem

Integrated Managementsystem

Integrated Managementsystem

In an integrated management system, previously co-existing sets of regulations (guidelines, circulars, organisational regulations, service instructions, work regulations, and, where applicable, operating instructions, standards, etc.) are grouped together according to a uniform standard under the term management guidelines. A whole series of such templates for special topics are offered here.

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Development of an integrated management system. Procedure process

Product no.: 0401a-VPR

Puzzleelement_VPRProcedure process and organisational solutions for the consistent management of the regulatory systems of companies and authorities in an integrated management system.

89.00 *

Systematic inventory of the rules system. Template

Product no.: 0401e-TM

Puzzleelement_TMUsing a mind map, systematically analyze the diversity of regulations in the company and develop a sustainable, holistic control system.

49.00 *

"Meta" regulation Integrated Management System. Management Guideline

Product no.: 0401b-MRL

Puzzleelement_MRLOrganization solution of an integrated management system. Structure, standards for language and layout, responsibilities, verification - standardized for all regulations.

69.00 *

Form Management Guideline. Template

Product no.: 0401c-TM

Puzzleelement_TMStandard form for regulations as components of an integrated management system. With completion instructions.

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List of management guidelines. VBA Program

Product no.: 0401d-PRG

Puzzleelement_VPRThe solution programmed in VBA manages an integrated management system - data management, research and evaluation of the regulations registered in the system.

59.00 *

Responsibility in process management. Management Guideline

Product no.: 0402-MRL

Puzzleelement_MRLRegulations for the allocation of responsibilities in a corporate management system geared to effective business processes.

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Assignment of personnel responsibility. Management guideline

Product no.: 050402-MRL

Puzzleelement_MRLRegulation of responsibility for the specific tasks of personnel management by management level.

69.00 *

Delegation of work organisation rights. Management Guideline

Product no.: 050403-MRL

Puzzleelement_MRLRegulation of the delegation of personnel management rights by managers to their subordinates.

39.00 *

Semi-autonomous group work. Management guideline

Product no.: 0507-MRL

Puzzleelement_MRLRegulation of the principles of semi-autonomous group work in self-controlled teams.

99.00 *

Electronic document management system, procedural directive. Template

Product no.: 060601-TM

Puzzleelement_MRLDevelopment and operation of an electronic document management system for archiving the documents of a business process.

169.00 *

Job list - use, content, responsibilities. Management Guideline

Product no.: 0305a-MRL

Puzzleelement_MRLModel of a guideline for the planned job list. Regulates use, data structures, responsibilities and procedures for changes.

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