Staff planning

Job/Staff planning

Job/Staff planning

Includes processes and templates for job creation, flexible calculation of personnel requirements, grouping of posts according to the labour value method. as well as for setting up the staffing plan with various comparisons and cost scenarios.

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Product no.: 0308-VPR

Puzzleelement_VPRProcedure for the systematic creation of jobs as the smallest component of the organizational structure. Ultimately deduced from the purpose of the company.

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Product no.: 0303-TM

Puzzleelement_TMA flexible personnel needs calculation model that takes into account cyclically fluctuating workloads.

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Product no.: 0303-VPR

Puzzleelement_VPRProcedure for the development of a personnel needs calculation model that can reflect flexible, cyclically fluctuating workloads.

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Product no.: 0304-TM

Puzzleelement_TMModel for determining target remuneration groups for jobs by calculating job-related work values. On Excel. The model creates wage fairness!

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Product no.: 0304-VPR

Puzzleelement_VPRProcess for developing a model for grouping jobs in a salary system by calculating their work value. Industry neutral and legally compliant!

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Product no.: 0305a-MRL

Puzzleelement_MRLModel of a guideline for the planned job list. Regulates use, data structures, responsibilities and procedures for changes.

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Product no.: 0305b-TM

Puzzleelement_TMThe functional specifications in the appropriate layout that a DP solution for the Position List should fulfil.Data structures, data acquisition, evaluations, analysis.

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