The purchasing organization in the area of conflict between the departments that meet the requirements and a central purchasing department - management guidelines and templates to regulate their duties and to develop own organizational solutions.

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Systematics of purchasing tasks. Template.

Product no.: 0309b1-TM

Systematic presentation of the tasks of the corporate function "purchasing" in a mind map. Can be used as a checklist for organizational design.

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Assignment of responsibilities "Purchasing". Template

Product no.: 0309d4a-TM

Assignment of responsibilities in the company for the purchasing function as a matrix of a function chart. Checklist for organizational design.

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Responsibilities in the purchasing process. Management Guideline

Product no.: 040101a-MRL

Organization of the purchasing processes between the involved departments of the clients and the central purchasing department.

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Job description Head of purchasing. Template

Product no.: 030601a-TM

Responsibility profile and activity profile for the management of the purchasing teams.

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Job description Team leader in purchasing. Template

Product no.: 030601b-TM

With responsibility profile and activity profile.

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Job description Purchaser. Template

Product no.: 030601c-TM

With responsibility profile and activity profile.

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Job description purchasing assistant. Template

Product no.: 030601d-TM

With responsibility profile and activity profile.

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Job description procurement controller. Template

Product no.: 030601e-TM

With responsibility profile and activity profile.

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Use of an electronic DMS in purchasing. Management Guideline

Product no.: 040101c-TM

Development and running of a complex electronic archive for documents relating to business transactions in the purchasing process.

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Risk analysis of purchasing. Template

Product no.: 060602-TM

Systematic recording and monitoring of risks for the company from purchasing processes with Excel.

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