Process organisation

Process organization

Process organization

Contains procedure processes and templates for process- and result-oriented organizational design.  For process maps, process modelling, implementation in workflow.

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Product no.: 0040-EB

This part of the e-book "Network Organization" contains the essential contents and the connections, dependencies and interactions of the process organization:...

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Product no.: 0402-MRL

Regulations for the allocation of responsibilities in a corporate management system geared to effective business processes.

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Product no.: 0403-TM

Excel tables with exemplary data of a process system, graphically prepared into different types of process diagrams. 

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Product no.: 0403-VPR

Procedure process for developing a process map with the business and service processes.

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Product no.: 0404-TM

Effective process modeling with the symbols and shapes of this template. Detailed application instructions. Visio integration.

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Product no.: 0404-VPR

Procedure process and elements for the modelling of business and service processes. From the process overview to an extended event-driven process chain.

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Product no.: 0404a-TM

Template for the processing of process expenditure data in Excel to find objectives for the optimization of business processes. With instruction manual.

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Product no.: 0405-VPR

Steps for implementing a process model in a user-led workflow.

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Product no.: 060601-TM

Development and operation of an electronic document management system for archiving the documents of a business process.

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