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About me

Where did I get it?

2005_ich_4After many years of working in the staff department "Corporate Organization" of companies in the chemical industry and energy supply, I offer my experience, including the results of my dissertation at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, for subsequent use. 

A very important aspect for me is the application of the guiding principle "Making those affected into participants" in many products of my offer. And this is specifically designed for the respective topic. As an man socialized in the former GDR, it is important to me not only to postulate claims as a guiding principle, but to formulate the how in concrete terms.

Logo_neu_kleinForms of the offer

My resulting offer is available in three product groups in the E-Shop:

Puzzleelement_hellgruenProcesses (VPR) are step-by-step procedures that lead to solutions.

Puzzleelement_mittelgruenTemplates (TM) are solutions that can be freely adapted as outline, content and design models. 

Puzzleelement_dunkelgruenManagement guidelines (MRL) are special templates and are designed as components of an integrated management system.

The products grouped in these categories affect all areas of the enterprise organization, that is, the structural organization, process organization, project organization, and personnel management.

Logo_neu_kleinRequirement of the offer

The offer is based on the assumption that the substance of the organisational design remains stable and essentially unchanged, not really called into question by the various management models:

Tasks always consist of execution and object, organizational structures always depict hierarchies, and processes will continue to be analyzed and modeled as event-driven process chains.

These basics determine the organizational design in companies. In order that this can be achieved by the company's own staff in line with requirements, all products are structured in a strict system and were developed with the aim of enabling the user to find solutions independently.

Logo_neu_kleinA request

It is against this background that the articles of my offer were created, which I am presenting here for discussion. I hope that all in all the puzzle-symbol's claim to be all-time, both in terms of the topics and the content of the individual articles, will be fulfilled.

Bildtitel_-_KopieWrite me your opinion about the procedure processes, templates and management guidelines. Get in contact, test the products! Give me your feedback - I am curious!