Identify organizational problems! How to?

Who does not know this situation in everyday business life: The actual results 0101-VPRdo not reach the targets! So there is a problem.

But what exactly is it? What is the cause? The company organization? Or other cause fields? What are the content and extent?

0102-VPR_DblThe answers can be found with the step-by-step procedure "Systematic Problem Definition and Analysis with Mindmaps. Procedure Process" and with the "Procedure process for determining the most significant problem situations". can be prioritized!

MenuePuzzleSolving organizational problems! Tools?

With the tools for the systematic analysis and design of structural, process and project organization - available here in the categories



The tools are available in three product groups

Puzzleelement_hellgruenProcesses (VPR) are step-by-step procedures that lead to solutions.

Puzzleelement_mittelgruenTemplates (TM) are solutions that can be freely adapted as outline, content and design models. 

Puzzleelement_dunkelgruenManagement guidelines (MRL) are special templates and are designed as components of anintegrated management system.

All tools are designed to support users at all levels - company, subsidiary, profit center, operations department, plant, workgroup, team, etc. - Step by step to the development of problem solutions. 

NetzwerksymbolIn addition, the "Network of the Organization" shows the classification of each tool in the subsystems of the corporate organization and its role in the process of organizational design.